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Disciplining your child(ren)

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This week, I would like to share an article with you about disciplining your child(ren). One golden rule, as also stated in Dr. Daniel Siegel’s new book ‘No-Drama Discipline’, is that discipline is about teaching, not about punishment (source:

Five out of the six rules to live by when it comes to disciplining your child presented in this article, I completely agree with. However, when applied correctly, putting your child in time-out can improve his or her self reflection skills, even at a relatively young age. You can read more on this, somewhat controversial, topic in my next blog post.

For now, most of you will agree with the advice given in the article below. And it’s not that you are hearing it for the first time either. It’s just that this 24/7/365 job can (quite understandingly) make you t-i-r-e-d and ‘a bit agitated’ at times. This is why, and I can’t stress it enough, taking some ‘me-time’ (think yoga, a walk around the block, going for a run) is one of the least selfish things to do. It’s almost selfish not to. It is necessary to keep you functioning well. The only difference between this job and a job where you have an actual boss, is that none of the requirements for you to keep functioning well (e.g. taking some ‘me-time’) is obligatory. Here’s me trying to make it so 😉

Start by viewing time as one of the most valuable ‘assets’ you have. Spend it very, very wisely. Reconsider social appointments that cost you energy, rather than bring you something positive. Maybe this already will buy you some ‘me-time’.
What, at all times, is also helpful, is being mindful about what you eat and drink and by trying to improve your sleep by being aware of your activities during the evening. Taking good care of yourself sounds like homework, and it kind of is, but will be worth every bit of it by having a (very) positive influence on your family life as a whole. Article 5.

Influences of electronic devices

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This weeks’ blog post is about the brightness and radiation emitted by devices most of us use daily, such as (baby) phones, tablets, laptops and routers. The first three articles are about the light emitted by phones, tablets and laptops: how this light suppresses the secretion of melatonin (the hormone helping us fall asleep at night) and how to avoid thisArticle 1Article 2Article 3.

The fourth article is about the potential damaging effects of radiation emitted by the devices and how to avoid these. Article 4.

In both cases, just one simple adjustment will have major effects! Until manufacturers develop more “circadian-friendly” electronic devices that increase or decrease light exposure based on time of day, make sure you dim the brightness of the devices after 5 p.m. (source:

What is also worth considering, is putting the device on ‘airplane mode’ as often as possible and looking into cell phone and tablet cases, developed by scientists, ensuring to reduce radiation exposure by up to 95 percent below the FCC limit (source:

Welcome to my blog!

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On this page, I will be writing about various topics concerning child development, parenthood and family life. I will share my views with you through weekly posts, of which the first contains some interesting articles on the influence of light and radiation emitted by electronic devices. 

N.B.: Alhoewel er sprake is van zowel een Nederlandse als Engelse versie van de website van Time To Talk, is er in verband met het frequent kunnen plaatsen van blogposts veelal voor gekozen de Engelse taal op beide blogpagina’s te hanteren. Bij voorbaat dank voor uw begrip.